Illuminated Advertising & Information Signs

NML-Solutions design and produce illuminated Plexiglass signs for advertising and information purposes.
The illumination is caused by a combination of a special adhesive film attached to a diamond polished plexiglass sheet that is illuminated by a set of coloured LEDīs.
The LEDīs are housed in an aluminium rail attached to the base.


Special Solutions:
Apart from the standard products, NML-Solutions offers individual customer designs.
This includes multilayer Plexiglass sheets and lighting, it provides the product with a 3 Dimensional depth.
We also offer designs is Pyramid or Cube form, they not only offer advertising space, it is also possible to use them as a platform for a physical products.
NML-Solutions offer advice to help find the ideal solution for your needs.


Additional Designs:
All products are supplied with a power supply and a timer switch. They are plug and play.
For the lighting, only high quality and long life brandname LEDīs with low energy consumption are used.


Please click on the link "Catalogue – Plexiglass" to see a sample of the products you can receive!
Catalogue Plexiglas (PDF)