IDENCOM™ Biometrics

Basic / Plus

BIOKEY®GATE Basic/Plus Stand-alone application. Establishes trust due to its easy handling. Thanks to the unique masterfinger concept all necessary programming is executed remotely, without the need to access PC or type the code.


BIOKEY®GATE + Infrared-Keypad Storage space for individual access authorisations might easily be assigned or erased using enclosed remote control.

Finger Print

BIOKEY® INSIDE offers manufacturers from the Metal und Electro-markets the possibility to offer a modual based system of products that can be integrated into their own product range of products with a biometrical solution for their customers.


BIOKEY Stainless Steel Keypad is an elegant designn using high quality materials. The concept of operation is similar to that of an ATM, if the wrong code is entered a time-out function is activated.


BIOKEY® Bluetooth® supports the customary Bluetooth® connections and can thus be used immediately with many mobile phone models.

TCP/IP Network

BIOKEY®GATE + TCP/IP Network Setup based on priorly existing TCP/IP infrastructure, comfortable solution for companies.

RS 485Network

BIOKEY®GATE + RS485 Network The networking is implemented through a simple two-wired connection and might by easily extended any time.

Enrollment Station

BIOKEY®GATE Enrollment Station Both BIOKEY®GATE Network products are able to cooperate with the enrollment station, which manages all users' data as well as their auhorisation access through a central PC.