Premium RFID Plexi Antennen

Premium Plexiglas Antenne

Our Plexiglas RFID Gate system provides perimeter based protection and improves alarm handling capability where enhanced RFID protection is required.

Packaged in a durable Plexiglas frame with attractive stainless steel base, the RFIDGate system is the perfect deterrent. A synchronized lighting sequence visible on the leading edge of the gate panels provide for a aethetically pleasing design.

A Special Optical and Acoustic Alarm sequences is triggered by when a label is detected. The alarm and lighting sequece can be modified slightly to please individual wishes.


  • Compatible with 13.56 MHz RFID labels and items tagged with approved labels from book suppliers
  • Our advanced digital RFID technology uses state of the art digitally enhanced receiver to chip technology to ensure superior detection with false alarm-free protection
  • Integrated lights illuminate system for visually impaired and to indicate system is on and working
  • Integrated alarm lights and sound
  • Mounts as a free standing unit