EM Plexi System

EM20 Electro-Magnetic Plexi System

The EM20 Book Security System is based on the Electro Magnetic Technology. It was developed especially to meet the requirements of the libray market. The elegant transparent plexi design allow can be easily integrated into most exit areas. The high detection rate guarantees protection against loss of any Media.

The EM20 system is compatible with all commonly available security labels on the market.

The maximum aislewidth of an EM20-System is 100 cm (bearing in mind the type of security element being used).

The EM20 is available as either Single,- Double aisle system.

Optional features: Customer counter integrated into the EM20 System:

  • by use of an 8-digit display counter mounted on the gate panel base
  • by using the RS 232 Computer connnection
  • by using a WEB Counter running over a network


EM20 - Technical Information